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We’ve been working on the next generation of the Markup Assistant for the past year or so and we’re proud to say we’ve built something powerful, flexible, and easy to use. The new Markup Assistant provides everything you need to incorporate printed or PDF files into AutoCAD.Improvements in Vertex Drawing:We’ve added more control over edge styles and added the ability to support multiple styles per edge, allowing you to keep all edge styles aligned and precise.This year we’ve added the ability to use style guides to control the length of anchors for flat connectors and hatches. There’s also a new Active Edge Button that will open the Style Selector and the Select Styles dialog box for the selected edge, and a new Shortcut to quickly access the Styles dialog box.Replace Edge Style:Use the new Replace Edge Style dialog box to quickly control the styles applied to specific edges and replace them with the same styles as another edge. The new dialog box, illustrated here, also allows you to export a copy of the styles to the current drawing.Enhanced Style Controls:A new Style Selector makes style management easier, allowing you to apply one or more edge styles to any edge of a selected part and then assign that style to any other edge of the same object or to an entire drawing. There are also new options to control the spacing between style categories and the width of the Style Selector, allowing you to view the entire Style Selector window in an edge-lit environment.The Style Selector is an addition to the Edge Styles dialog box, which you can access from the Edge Styles tab of the Properties palette.The new controls allow you to apply a style from the Edge Styles dialog box to any edge of a part, including hatch lines.You can also apply the style to the entire drawing to take advantage of the new Style Replace dialog box.This year we’ve added the ability to apply styles to shapes in groups and the new Edge Groups dialog box.We’ve also added the ability to see all styles applied to an edge in the Edge Styles dialog box.The Style Selector and the Style Group dialog box also allow you to create new categories of styles and add styles to an existing category, like the category of hatch styles.The new Style Re 2be273e24d


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