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Michael Molthan: What is Narcan?


Popstar Demi Lovato was recently hospitalized after an apparent drug overdose. When paramedics arrived at her house they found Lovato unconscious. However a friend at the house said they used something called Narcan to revive her and may have even saved her life. But What exactly is Narcan and why was it used?

Narcan is a first responder for first responders. It is a nasal spray that is a non-prescription opiated blocker, and it is administered when someone appears to have overdosed on opioids. First responders will use it right away because it only reacts to opioids; they don't have to figure out what drugs were used.

Did Narcan save Demi Lovato's life?

It did and that's what it does, it's saving lives everywhere. The issue though is when people hear that Narcan was used, they immediately assume it was a heroin overdose, but we don't know that. Narcan is used no matter what, wether it's an amphetamine overdose, or an alcohol overdose.

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