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Michael Molthan: Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

Over the weekend 25 people were hospitalized in New Haven, Connecticut after first responders said they had overdosed on a synthetic cannabinoid known as K2. K2 is a drug made from very harsh chemicals usually found under everyday kitchen sinks. Michael Molthan recently discussed the incident on the radio.

What are the origins of K2?

When an addict can't get what they usually want then they go and find the next best thing. There's always something new. What's happening now is that people think they're testing positive for marijuana, but then actually testing for K2, pcp, and fentanyl. The incident in the park sounds like an opioid overdose.

Is there anyway to suppress the gene that causes addiction?

It's a disease and an allergy, and the craving switch gets turned on, then I can't stop. I become powerless it. The solution is total abstinence from the substances, but what we're seeing is a symptom of something that is internal going wrong.

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