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Michael Molthan: How I Hit Rock Bottom

The Dry July Challenge is a yearly fundraising initiative that helps raise money for people affected by cancer. It was started in Australia and has spread to other countries. The idea is to abstain from alcohol for a month and donate the money you would have spent drinking to The Dry July Foundation. Michael was recently a guest on ESPN radio and discussed his journey through addiction.

This [addiction] disease stripped me of everything. But now my life is a like a country song played backwards, I got the dog back, the house back, the car back as a result of living dry.

It's widely known that binge drinking is a problem on and off of college campuses, and that people will drink until they can't remember anything and pass out.

I would drink to blackout because of how I felt. I was uncomfortable with the way I felt, so I would self medicate with alcohol and drugs to try and balance out my life.

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