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Michael Molthan Discusses His Journey To Recovery on ABC 13.

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Michael Molthan was recently featured on WFAA discussing his 1190AM radio show, "M2 The Rock", where he discusses his journey from addiction to recovery in hopes he might reach others through his story and experiences.

We talk about drug addiction, we talk about alcoholism, we talk about hurts, habits, and hangups.

Michael was once a successful luxury home builder in the greater Dallas area, but he grew tired of real estate and eventually began doing drugs...and time. He was arrested twenty seven times over the past five year.

"27 Mugshots, I'm that guy. I'm that guy I thought I would never be."

Michael's show is on 1190AM five nights a week as well as Facebook Live. He hopes that his story might impact others going through the same struggle. View The Full Video

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