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For over 25 years, Michael Molthan was known as one of the best luxury home builders in the country. But an addiction to drugs and alcohol caused his life to spiral out of control, slowly stripping him of everything that mattered to him, including his business, his relationship with his family, his marriage, his children and finally, his freedom. After 27 arrests and doing close to 4 years in prison, Molthan had a “spiritual awakening. A true bright-light moment with God”. He began reading the Bible, studying with fellow inmates, and speaking each day after dinner about the hope he had found. "My life today is the result of a series of miracles created by God to put me on the path to my divine-right destiny," says Molthan. "I now live to serve God and share the hope and love he so freely gave to me."


The first miracle, was in October of 2017 when Molthan was "accidentally" released from jail on a paperwork error. Michael traveled over 300 miles with no money, no food, and no transportation to meet with his Judge, Jennifer Bennett, to be placed back into jail and then go to prison. Because of the dramatic spiritual awakening Michael experienced during his incarceration and his willingness to do anything to get healthy the Judge granted him another miracle, which was to forgive him and challenge him to pursue a self-correct program. Within a few days, a reporter Molthan had known from his home-building days reached out to interview him and was blown away when he heard his story. He invited him to be a guest on his radio show to share his amazing testimony and that radio interview led to the miracle of Molthan being given his own show on iHeart radio.


In February of 2018, he shared a heartfelt Facebook Live video to announce that he would only be able to broadcast one final show due to lack of funding. A listener saw Molthan's video and called to let him know how much the show had changed her life and helped her recover from the loss of her son and a grandson from addiction. She asked to meet him for lunch the next day and at that meeting made the miraculous decision to become his angel investor to keep the show on the air. The M2 The Rock show continues to operate from monetary contributions generously given by listeners and viewers who are passionate about recovery and breaking the many stigmas surrounding addiction.


Michael Molthan’s passion is to follow God’s plan for him by helping people in their struggles with addictions, hurts, habits, and hang-ups through his talk show, M2 The Rock. The talk show airs LIVE on Facebook and YouTube weekdays at 7:30 PM/CST. If you miss an episode, don't worry! Past episodes can be accessed on-demand via YouTube, Facebook and on major podcast platforms such as Spreaker, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, and more!



If you have been inspired by watching or listening to the show, we hope that you will consider donating. Your generous contributions allow M2 The Rock to continue to spread the message of hope in recovery and share how to live a joyous life in sobriety.  Whether it's $5, $50 or $500 - every dollar helps keep this show on the air.

We appreciate your support.

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