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Michael Molthan is a former drug addict and alcoholic who has dedicated his life to helping others on their path to recovery by using his own personal experience by sharing with everyone what it was like, what happened, and his life today.

Michael Molthan host of M2 The ROCK is a charismatic speaker, passionate on the topics of process addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, parental education/intervention, addiction education, codependency, enabling, 12-Step Programs, religious trauma, sexual abuse, and spirituality.

Michael Molthan’s passion is to help people by “raising the bottom” so that no one has to experience the pain that he endured.

Molthan's speaking style is so relatable and he loves sharing his love for God and Jesus Christ.

M2 is quoted by saying:

“When It Comes To Religion I Am An Atheist BUT When It Comes To The Gospel, The Truth, and The Word of God I Am All In”

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2019 Best of Carrollton Awards - Radio Broadcaster